To begin with, an autopilot is a system used to control the trajectory of an aircraft without constant ‘hands-on’ control by a human operator. Therefore, having your life on autopilot means you just let the events around you control how the events in your life unfold.

Home, School, Church Repeat or Home, Work, Market Repeat or Wake Up, Make up, Go to work Repeat or Eat, sleep, Smash Repeat or Eat, Sleep, Movie Repeat. I know by now you get what I mean by the autopilot life and this article is meant to help you break this circle by opening your mind to more awesome, authentic and adventurous ways to discovering your highway to dream chasing and world changing.

About two weeks ago, I listened to this TedX talk by Stephen Duneier entitled “How to achieve your most ambitious Goals.” He is an author, investment manager, strategy consultant, lecturer, artist, and a Guinness world book record holder. He believes anyone can be an artist and his theory is based on his personal life because he became an artist by default (he didn’t know he was an artist till he tried it out). He considers himself ordinary and does not believe in the existence of extraordinary minds. In his talk, he says, it is the little things we consistently do that eventually lead to great success. His life is a proof that ordinary minds can achieve things that they never thought would ever be achievable; just by committing to daily new tasks, challenges and attainable targets.

By letting our lives fly on autopilot, we have neglected, starved, suffocated, and heartlessly murdered our dreams and ambitions. We have deprived them of the tender, affectionate care and love that they deserve to thrive! We need to feed these starved dreams, show care, attention and affection to the neglected ambitions, be hearty and apologetic to the goals we suffocated and eventually resuscitate (back to life) the ambitions and dreams we murdered. You know how? By simply doing the things we have never done before to chase these dreams and make them a reality. We have to do the extraordinary things to get extraordinary results and ordinary things to get ordinary results.

Good things take time. Successful people constantly come up with new, simple, attainable and effective strategies that take time to materialize but during the set time, there are reasonable targets to be met.

When we were little, we dreamed dreams. We had ideas, plans and ambitions that would transform our lives and the entire universe. We wanted to save humanity and have happy endings. Somehow, as we exit childhood, these dreams begin to drift and wither one at a time to a point we believe we can no longer achieve them.

Somewhere along the way to adulthood, our minds are played and attitudes messed with. As pure as our hearts were back then (as children), the dreams we had and the future we envisioned remain the purest and most authentic dreams and visions we will ever have. And then, in a snap of a finger, adulthood happens and we lose even the greatest ideas we ever had! Those ideas that ignited a blazing flame in the pits of our bellies, the ideas that brightened our countenance, those ones that set our souls on fire! All gone. Why? Because we let our lives fly on autopilot. We did absolutely nothing to nurture our dreams and ambitions, we did nothing to feed our ideas and thoughts, we never considered breaking down the dreams into small but attainable targets that would eventually birth our desired goals. What did we do? We just set our lives on autopilot and let the universe take its course with us! Flying us to destinations we never bargained for. Most of us are in jobs we never (in our wildest dreams) thought we would do. Why? Because we were on autopilot and the universe took over, eventually flying us there.

All we ever did with our lives was home, school, church repeat or eat, sleep, smash repeat or wake up, make up, suit up, go to work repeat. See where this landed most of us? We never discovered the other side of our lives, we never exploited our passions and wild thoughts, we looked at the world from one point of view, we waited for things to happen just as we were taught and not as we discovered, we never grew tough enough to make things happen, we waited for them to happen. See where it landed most of us? Autopilot is letting routine govern your life. Take the leap to shun this tendency and take on new tasks each day or week.