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Jesse Konditi


My Biography

For Over six years, I have been a passionate mastermind in the creative field. I have had an exponential growth in curating great visuals; especially in video production, graphics design and web development – a craft born purely out of passion and not what I studied as a
career (Procurement and supply chain management). This is a shift that has seen me learn, unlearn and relearn from the best in the media and creative industry thereby packaging me as a one stop solution center for matters IT, Audio Visual Production and Web Development. I have also worked as a radio presenter in various community Radio Stations including Ruben FM and Fresh M Radio enabling me to have an immense drive towards creative dissemination of diverse information, voice overs and understanding various Target Audiences. All said and done, I am the founder/CEO of Jescod Investments a business that deals in Photo Mounts, Printing & Branding of T-shirts, School Uniforms, Mugs, Magic Cups, Reflector Jackets, Business Cards, Roll Up Banners, Display banners, Funeral Programs, Flyers, Caps, Exercise Books, Envelopes, Student IDs, Staff IDs and Supplies of Cartridges and Toners.


My work Skill

Web Development


Graphics Design


Video Editing


Branding & Photo Mount


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